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What We DON’T Know? December 7, 2007

Posted by susanbarrett in Uncategorized.

From tompeters.com today: (DNK = Do Not Know and connects to a recent prior statement about CIA revelations re Iran)

Reward “DNK” When You DNK

Of course you don’t want to reward “I didn’t bother to …” laziness, but you do want to reward—Big Time—truth-telling. Hence, cheer publicly the person who admits, in front of a boss, that he or she “does not know” the facts here, or the answer to this or that. In fact, …, make a game (serious game!) out of identifying the “DNKs” regarding any analysis or proposed action. Frankly, good inventories of DNKs may be far more important to success than inventories of DKs.(bolding added)

I thought this seemed an interesting angle to pursue, when examining a possible project or activity. It likely has an opposing corollary–of more imminent danger to librarians– trying to list too much before the first action is taken? [Peters has an oft-repeated slogan–“Ready, Fire, Aim!”]



1. lrobinson - December 10, 2007

We often DNK what we DNK, so it seems a logical place to start with what we do know (a.k.a. the long list before the first action). I think this is how, at least for me, I can end up biting off more than I can chew.

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