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Turnabout in country’s most influential evangelical church November 15, 2007

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Here’s an off the wall trend indicatorso earth shattering to professional church people (read pastors and ministers) that it was mentioned in the sermons at both the Saturday and Sunday services I attended (and played for) this past weekend, which has certainly never happened before!

Willow Creek Community Church, located near Chicago, has been one of the most influential churches in the nation for the past 30 years, especially in evangelical circles, and now its top leadership is admitting (based on extensive research they conducted) that they may have been going about things all wrong! For more on this, visit the Christianity Today blog entry on it.



1. elizabeth - November 15, 2007

It’s interesting that you mention this trend. It resonates with an article I just read by Stephen Abram, “Challenges to Innovation in Libraries” from Sirsi’s September newsletter. He says, “In order to learn, we must develop and share our case studies — the whole thing, warts, errors, and missteps and all. Do we have the courage to do this or are we too perfectionist to be totally honest?”

The article’s interesting…worth a quick read.

2. Chris - November 15, 2007

Wow. Towards the end of the article, they mention that believers don’t want flashy programs and big gatherings, but rather they want more opportunities for self-study, one-on-one discussion and small group conversation. In other words, churches need to be more like libraries and less like giant entertainment complexes.

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